David Little

Experimental musician, sound artist, user experience

Lines of Silence at the Hope Chapel, Hebden Bridge, March 2023

In my work as an experimental composer, musician, sound artist and percussionist I’m principally interested in how sound and music can affect mood and consciousness. Not only how it can be used to improve mental health and wellbeing but how it can act as a psychedelic experience that can disrupt the way we perceive ourselves and our place in the natural, non-human world around us.

I often work with simple tones and drones, layered and modulated to create immersive and experiential soundscapes. I treat the environment I play in as an important part of the sound, and particularly like to play in naturally reverberant spaces.

I’ve recorded several albums under different names. My current focus is Lines of Silence – a primarily solo project that also involves occasional collaborations. Lines of Silence’s debut album for Dimple Discs, Stations of the Sun, was released in September 2022. Stations of the Sun collected together works that were originally created and released for the solstices and equinoxes between 2020-21. These long form soundscapes not only marked the passing of the seasons but also reflect on our place in the natural world.

Local label, promoter and blog Analogue Trash interviewed me about Lines of Silence and the creative process behind it.

I’m currently exploring creative collaborations with other local artists working in different media such as video and live storytelling.

Outside of my work with sound I have a background in user experience and human-computer interaction research and design. I’ve written more about that on my User Experience page, or you can find out more on my LinkedIn page.

I’m based in Todmorden, West Yorkshire.